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Paris Agreement Adoption Toolkit

Resources for US cities and Mayors joining the Climate Mayors and signing up to the spirit and goals of the Paris Climate Agreement

On this page, you will find resources to assist your city in joining the Climate Mayors network and adopting the Paris Agreement. This is intended as a rapid response toolkit for US cities in light of the President’s action on June 1, 2017 to withdraw US participation from the Paris Agreement.

Climate Mayors (aka the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda) is a Mayor-to-Mayor network of US Mayors collaborating on climate. It is led by Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles and operationally run by the Chief Sustainability Officer for LA, Lauren Faber O’Connor.

There are no binding commitments as a Climate Mayors members, only that cities are pursuing actions to achieve an emissions reduction target through:

  1. Developing a community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory
  2. Setting near- and long-term targets to reduce emissions
  3. Developing a Climate Action Plan aligned with the city’s targets.

In addition, we ask members of the Climate Mayors network to join in occasional letters and statements, as well as substantive initiatives like our EV RFI. We hold monthly coordination calls for each city’s Sustainability/Climate Lead to participate and share progress.

For media enquiries please email

Climate Mayors membership is open to Mayors of US cities, towns and municipalities.

There is no formal process for mayors to join Climate Mayors. We require an email (to from a responsible authority within each city (typically a Mayor’s office, Chief of Staff, or policy/environmental department lead). Please nominate your city’s policy/climate lead as well as a communications lead to represent your mayor and city when you email us.

If you are a private citizen or community group, and would like your Mayor to join our network, please approach your Mayor’s Office or other elected officials to ask whether they would consider joining this network.

What does ‘signing up’ to the Paris Agreement mean?

There are no binding commitments as members of Climate Mayors, only that cities are pursuing meaningful actions to drive climate progress and that leaders are committed and motivated to work with fellow Climate Mayors to:

  1. Speak with a common voice on major climate policy concerns at the local and federal level;

  2. Facilitate further climate action at the local and regional levels; and/or

  3. Pursue collective action and market transformation opportunities.

Member cities of Climate Mayors will share progress and best practices through our monthly coordination calls, attended by each Mayor’s representative for climate and sustainability issues.

Template Council Resolution


WHEREAS, consensus exists among the world’s leading climate scientists that global warming caused by emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities is among the most significant problems facing the world today; and

WHEREAS, documented impacts of global warming include but are not limited to increased occurrences of extreme weather events (e.g. droughts and floods), adverse impacts on ecosystems, demographic patterns and economic value chains; and

WHEREAS, the State of XXX has mandated statewide reduction of GHG emissions to XX% below 1990 levels by 2050; and

WHEREAS, responding to the climate change provides communities an opportunity to access first mover advantage in the range of products, services and know-how that transitioning to a climate-compatible future brings; and

WHEREAS, the Paris Agreement resulted in a commitment from almost every nation t o take action and enact programs to limit global temperature increase to less than 2 degrees Celsius, with an expectation that this goal would be reduced to 1.5 degrees in the future;


  1. Indicates its commitment to reducing GHG emissions through an implementation of a Climate Action Plan; and
  2. Joins other US cities in the Climate Mayors network in adopting and supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement; and
  3. Commits to exploring the potential benefits and costs of adopting policies and programs that promote the long-term goal of GHG emissions reduction while maximizing economic and social co-benefits of such action.

Template Press Statement on joining Climate Mayors

Mayor XXXX of the City of XXXXXX, XX is joining the Climate Mayors, a network of 392 U.S. mayors representing 69 million Americans – working together to strengthen local efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting efforts for binding federal and global-level policy making.

Climate Mayors recently released an open letter to President Trump to oppose his actions thus far against climate action. In January, 30 Climate Mayors issued an electric vehicle (EV) request for information (RFI) to show automakers and manufacturers that 114,000 of their cities’ cars and trucks could be electrified.

Our city has joined Climate Mayors to mutually strengthen grassroots-level, city-led activity on undertaking climate action by cleaning our energy sources, making of infrastructure efficient and growing our economy through investing in the sectors that enable a climate-compatible future.


Mayor XXXX