Climate Mayors and C40 Cities Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law & Resulting Historic Investments in Local Infrastructure Projects

City-climate organizations laud progress made so far, and look ahead to building sustainable infrastructure and paving the way to equitable and climate resilient cities.

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) – groundbreaking legislation enacted by the Biden-Harris administration which invested $550 billion for infrastructure projects, which can be directed to build an economy powered by clean energy and resilient to climate change. 

Cities play a crucial role in realizing the potential of this transformative legislation. Through this law, mayors are not just repairing roads and bridges, they are laying the foundation for an improved quality of life for residents. Climate Mayors and C40 Cities remain committed to supporting cities to leverage federal funding to catalyze innovative, climate-forward projects. Together, we will secure climate resilient infrastructure, create jobs, improve lives and protect our planet.

Over the last two years, local leaders have showcased what can be done with federal support for climate action and sustainable development. Our member mayors have mobilized millions of dollars toward projects and initiatives that deliver climate resilience, decarbonization and environmental justice on the ground. From reconnecting neighborhoods and ensuring equitable access in places like Atlanta and Houston, to electrifying bus fleets in Madison, mayors have met the moment, using federal funding to take their climate action plans to new heights.

Together, Climate Mayors, C40 Cities and our member mayors recommit ourselves to the task at hand, knowing that by working together we have the power to shape a future that is equitable, resilient, and sustainable in the face of climate change.

“Investments in clean energy, electrified transit, and climate resilience are the building blocks of our sustainable future. Thanks to the funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, that future is becoming much more tangible – but the work doesn’t stop there. On this anniversary, Climate Mayors is proud to support mayors as they take their infrastructure improvement plans further, faster.” Kate Wright, Executive Director at Climate Mayors

“Two years in, we’ve seen cities tap into infrastructure funding for meaningful climate action including buying clean electric school buses, advancing sustainable transportation options like transit, cycling, and safe walking routes for all residents, and preparing communities for climate change. We need to build on this progress to ensure the funding continues to flow toward pro-climate projects.” – Kate Johnson, Head of US Federal Affairs at C40 Cities

In Madison, we’re taking full advantage of federal dollars, including support from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. We’ve purchased 62 electric sixty-foot buses for a new bus rapid transit system, we’re developing a PFAS treatment facility for our drinking water, expanding numerous bike paths, converting more streetlights to efficient LEDs, improving pedestrian safety, and rebuilding an aging bridge – all thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The BIL is improving the lives of Madisonians and investing in jobs, while supporting our climate goals. I’m thrilled to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the BIL by staying committed to building sustainable infrastructure for our communities now and in the future.” — Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, Chair of Climate Mayors, Madison, Wisconsin

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is making game changing infrastructure improvements in cities across the country. In Phoenix, we are leveraging federal dollars to achieve our goal of becoming the most sustainable desert city. From electrifying our bus fleet to protecting our precious water supply, this legislation has allowed us to accelerate our climate investments.” — Mayor Kate Gallego, Vice-Chair of Climate Mayors and C40 Cities Steering Committee Member, Phoenix, Arizona

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law injected crucial funding into the American economy and gave cities new means to prioritize sustainable infrastructure projects. In Ohio, we’re confronting legacy pollution and making significant progress in the clean-up and restoration of the Great Lakes’ most environmentally degraded sites, thanks to a $1 billion infusion from the BIL to the region. Securing clean water and creating good-paying jobs for residents is a real cause for celebration on this 2nd anniversary.” — Mayor Justin Bibb, Vice-Chair of Climate Mayors, Cleveland, Ohio


Kate Wright, Executive Director at Climate Mayors

Kate Johnson, Head of US Federal Affairs at C40 Cities


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The current co-chairs of C40 are Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, United Kingdom and Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr of Freetown, Sierra Leone; three-term Mayor of New York City Michael R. Bloomberg serves as President of the Board. C40’s work is made possible by our three strategic funders: Bloomberg Philanthropies, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and Realdania.

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