We are mayors working together to demonstrate leadership on climate change.

Building a better future with a clear vision for protecting the environment

Climate Mayors, founded in 2014, is a bipartisan, peer-to-peer network of more than 470 U.S. mayors demonstrating climate leadership through meaningful actions in their communities. Representing 48 states and 74 million Americans, the Climate Mayors coalition reflects U.S. cities’ commitment to climate progress.

In addition to local climate leadership, Climate Mayors build political will for federal and global climate action. Hundreds of members have signed the Climate Mayors letters committing to the Paris Agreement and calling on Congress to invest in a green and equitable economic recovery.


Advisory Board


Steering Committee

Steve Adler

Austin, tx

Jim Brainard

Carmel, in

Michael P. Cahill

Beverly, ma

LaToya Cantrell

New Orleans, la

Jane Castor

Tampa, fl

Buddy Dyer

Orlando, fl

Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles, ca

Greg Fischer

Louisville, ky

Jacob Frey

Minneapolis, mn

Lioneld Jordan

Fayetteville, ar

Tim Keller

Albuquerque, nm

Ron Nirenberg

San Antonio, tx

Regina Romero

Tucson, az

Mary Casillas Salas

Chula Vista, ca

Lucy Vinis

Eugene, or

Jim Hovland

Edina, mn

Sylvester Turner

Houston, tx

Satya Rhodes-Conway

Madison, wi

Kate Gallego

Phoenix, az

Justin Bibb

Cleveland, oh

Ed Gainey

Pittsburgh, pa

Indya Kincannon

Knoxville, tn

Lauren McLean

Boise, id

Jeffrey Mims, Jr

Dayton, oh

Daniel Rickenmann

Columbia, sc

Patrick Wojahn

College Park, md

Michelle Wu

Boston, ma

Eric Johnson

Dallas, tx

Frank Cownie

Des Moines, ia