Climate Mayors Takes COP28: Local Leaders on the Global Stage

Climate Mayors attended COP28 in Dubai, UAE, a crucial meeting of the minds to address the most pressing challenge of our time.


Our mayors’ participation in COP28 reflects a commitment to fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange to accelerate climate action. By engaging with the global community, we showcased successful strategies, learned from our counterparts, and advocated for increased support and resources to make urban areas more sustainable and equitable.

Subnational governments have proven to be key in achieving national and global climate goals. Our presence at COP28 allowed us to highlight the unique opportunities and challenges in American cities, showcasing the need for tailored solutions and funding to address climate change across different urban environments. By fostering international partnerships and demonstrating the power of local leadership, U.S. mayors contribute to the broader narrative of collective, bottom-up efforts to combat the climate crisis.

We’re proud to have participated in several engaging events across the conference – lending the mayoral perspective to transformative conversations:  

  • In the Blue Zone, several member mayors spoke on the ‘Subnational Leaders Supercharging Climate Action Across America’ and ‘Bold Investment for a Brighter Future: States, Cities, and Businesses Delivering on the Promise of the Inflation Reduction Act’ panels. Alongside longtime climate leaders John Podesta and Gina McCarthy, Mayors Frank Cownie, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Andrew Ginther, and LaToya Cantrell discussed how they are progressing climate action in their communities, how they are collaborating with each other and other levels of government to get the work done and what else needs to happen to accelerate the work. 
  • Over the weekend, we convened member mayors alongside C40, America Is All In and Bloomberg Philanthropies for a working breakfast to promote cross-regional learning and local climate action.
  • Climate Mayors was also present at dozens of bilateral meetings throughout the weeks. Participating in high level convenings on topics such as multilevel action, subnational leadership, urbanization, international solutions, women in energy, LEED building certification, and transportation policy helped deepen relationships with key stakeholders and thought leaders, broaden our knowledge on multi-sectoral issues, and advocate for the role of cities in the climate fight.  
  • During the Bloomberg Philanthropies and COP28 Presidency Local Climate Action Summit (LCAS), leaders engaged in substantive conversations about concrete actions and strategies to enhance multi-level partnerships to accelerate global climate progress. 
  • At LCAS, Climate Mayors and other subnational leaders celebrated the launch of the Coalition for High Ambition Multi-Level Partnerships (CHAMP) created by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the COP28 Presidency to empower local and regional leaders in the creation and execution of ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) currently endorsed by 66 governments.

By aligning local, state, and national strategies, the U.S. mayors aim to create a more holistic and integrated approach to climate action, ultimately contributing to the global effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change and create a sustainable future for all. We look forward to carrying our learnings and this electrifying energy from the conference into our 2024 course of action. 


Satya Rhodes-Conway, Mayor of Madison, WI and Climate Mayors Chair

Kate Wright, Executive Director of Climate Mayors