Climate Mayors Elective Pay Feedback Letter

We thank the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (together, Treasury) for providing this opportunity to comment on Treasury’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR or proposed rule)¹ providing additional guidance on the Elective Payment of Applicable Credits established under Section 6417 of the Internal Revenue Code, as added by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in 2022. The undersigned Climate Mayors, a bipartisan network of over 350 Mayors, believe the intentions of elective pay will be truly transformative for cities and appreciate Treasury considering integrating these recommendations into the final guidance.

Read the full letter and recommendations therein here.


Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway
City of Madison, WI
Climate Mayors Chair

Mayor Kate Gallego
City of Phoenix, AZ
Climate Mayors Vice Chair

Mayor Justin M. Bibb
City of Cleveland, OH
Climate Mayors Vice Chair


Steering Committee Members

Mayor Michael P Cahill
City of Beverly, MA

Mayor LaToya Cantrell
City of New Orleans, LA

Mayor Jane Castor
City of Tampa, FL

Mayor Andre Dickens
City of Atlanta, GA

Mayor Jacob Frey
City of Minneapolis, MN

Mayor Craig Greenberg
City of Louisville, KY

Mayor James Hovland
City of Edina, MN

Mayor Lioneld Jordan
City of Fayetteville, AR

Mayor Indya Kincannon
City of Knoxville, TN

Mayor Lauren McLean
City of Boise, ID

Mayor Jeffrey J. Mims, Jr.
City of Dayton, OH

Mayor Ron Nirenberg
City of San Antonio, TX

Mayor Daniel J. Rickenmann
City of Columbia, SC

Mayor Regina Romero
City of Tucson, AZ

Mayor Lucy Vinis
City of Eugene, OR

Mayor Michelle Wu
City of Boston, MA


Climate Mayors Membership

Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft
City of Alameda, CA

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird
City of Lincoln, NE

Mayor Lisa Batey
Milwaukie, OR

Mayor Angela Birney
City of Redmond, WA 

Mayor Daniel Biss
City of Evanston, IL

Mayor Rick Blangiardi
City and County of Honolulu, HI

Mayor Noam Bramson
City of New Rochelle, NY

Mayor Paul Brodeur
City of Melrose, MA

Mayor Barbara Buffaloe
City of Columbia, MO

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava
Miami-Dade County, FL

Mayor Paige G. Cognetti
Scranton, PA

Mayor Chance Cutrano
Town of Fairfax, CA

Mayor Gleam Davis
City of Santa Monica, CA

Mayor John Giles
City of Mesa, AZ

Mayor Bruce Harrell
City of Seattle, WA

Mayor Jordan Hess
City of Missoula, MT

Mayor Brandon Johnson
Chicago, IL 

Mayor Cavalier Johnson
City of Milwaukee, WI

Mayor Emily Larson
City of Duluth, MN

Mayor Heidi Leub
City of Tigard, OR

Mayor Matt Mahan
City of San Jose, CA

Mayor Steve Noble
City of Kingston, NY

Mayor John Ortega
Village of Questa, NM

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard
City of Mount Vernon, NY

Mayor Mary Lou Pauly
City of Issaquah, WA

President Senta Plunkett
Village of Wilmette, IL

Mayor Thomas M. Roach
City of White Plains, NY

Mayor Talisha Searcy
City of Takoma Park, MD

Mayor Damon Seils
Town of Carrboro, NC

Mayor Gamal Sherif
Borough of Rutledge, PA

Mayor Christopher Taylor
City of Ann Arbor, MI

Mayor Alan Webber
City of Santa Fe, NM

Mayor Miro Weinberger
City of Burlington, VT


¹88 Fed. Reg.  40528 – Section 6417 (June 14, 2023),